CX Consulting: Outbound Communications

Today’s customers are constantly connected, which presents more opportunities for positive customer engagement—as well as more opportunities to lose them to competitors if your outbound communications aren’t coordinated and on-point.

Having a standard, prescribed customer journey and a centralized Customer Communications department once made it easy to keep outbound communications consistent. But today, more often than not, those responsibilities are distributed among various teams using various siloed tools to reach customers by phone, email, text, and interactive mobile apps.

Take a lifecycle approach to customer engagement

To create a streamlined process for customer engagement, you need to look at the full customer lifecycle and ask yourself some tough questions:

  • Are your Marketing and Sales teams aware of what your Support or Customer Success teams are communicating to customers through various channels?
  • Do you have a detailed communications plan for customer on-boarding and training? How about customer retention, renewals or re-engagement?
  • Do you know how many touches your current and prospective customers are receiving via phone, SMS/text, and email each month or each day?
  • Are all your teams’ messages aligned and focused on a unified goal, such as improving CX or increasing customer satisfaction?

Surgent’s CX consulting team is here to help

Surgent’s consulting team understands how to use voice, SMS/text and email to engage customers effectively. Learn how we can help you:

  • Streamline communications throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Eliminate redundant and/or conflicting communications that drive customers away
  • Optimize your outbound communications processes
  • Create more powerful voice, SMS/text, and email communications
  • Improve customer engagement and customer satisfaction

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