Automated Healthcare Surveys

Is there an expensive problem growing within your organization? Are patient satisfaction levels eating up costly time and energy that could be used to help more people? What are your patients telling their friends and family about your organization?

“I think it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.”
– Elon Musk

Surveying your patient base can provide rich insight into the performance of your caregivers and the satisfaction levels of your consumer base. Depending on your organization size and business model, the interaction between your business leaders and your patients might range from daily contact to geographical isolation. How can you gather a reliable data set that takes the pulse of your patient experience and benchmark that over time without creating new overhead for your busy staff?

Technology has made it possible to not only efficiently survey your end users, but to automate the entire process. Automated healthcare surveys have been used by the most advanced and progressive healthcare providers for over a decade and they are quickly becoming the standard for healthcare providers of all sizes.

Why Automate?

In one word: consistency. Automated healthcare surveys inherently eliminate the one key variable that can degrade the data quality sometimes associated with patient feedback. In addition to reducing work for your personnel, a correctly automated solution means that you are able to gather fresh information from a larger data set. Better insights can also arise from consistency over time. An automated healthcare survey system should introduce speed, ease-of-administration and consistency over time to your dataset.

Choosing Your Automated Healthcare Surveys Solution

Leading businesses depend on Surgent Networks to deliver millions of mission-critical customer contacts each and every month. Daily interactions include customer outreach, appointment reminders, field service operations, emergency notifications, and customer verification within the healthcare, utilities, government, education and corporate sectors.

Over the course of many years, Surgent Networks has developed a core competency in automating healthcare mass notification systems and narrowing the divide between caregiver and patient. The technology becomes almost invisible to the end user, adapting to the way they already communicate by phone, text message and email. With ease of use and native delivery, your organization enjoys more complete data through increased participation by recipients.

How To Use Automated Healthcare Surveys

Whether you’re a provider, caregiver, or administrator, you know that a patient passes through many hands in your organization and an array of factors can have an impact on each person’s perspective of the care they receive. Installing a feedback loop that gathers fresh patient insight can help you identify new opportunities and spot developing problems early, before they become expensive.

The goal of an automated healthcare survey system is to deliver the correct survey—whether it be designed for a patient, caregiver or employee—at the right time and make it as easy as possible to collect the information. Timing can be dictated by a trigger, such as a patient visit, or a duration, such as monthly or annually.
Here are just a few examples of the most common surveys that can be automated:

  • Patient Visit Survey
  • Hospital Survey on Patient Safety
  • Pharmacy Survey on Patient Safety

Getting Started with Automated Healthcare Surveys

If you’ve experienced seemingly minor problems grow into expensive or dangerous headaches that can threaten your organization’s profitability and reputation, then you know the danger of not having a reliable feedback loop in place. Most healthcare executives and decision makers share the goal of providing reliable care in a way that is convenient and comfortable for their clients, but they don’t always have the tools or information necessary to accomplish this objective.

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