Mass Notification Solutions

SlingShot™, Surgent Networks’ carrier-grade mass notification solution, allows you to initiate and manage outbound notification campaigns and successfully reach thousands, or even millions of recipients with tailored messages. 

Combining best-of-breed technologies in voice, SMS, and e-mail, Surgent’s platform offers outstanding control, automation, reporting, and flexibility. 

A well-designed notification solution can dramatically improve your customer engagement, while improving your organization’s efficiency. SlingShot successfully delivers the following benefits:

  • Free-up call center staff from monotonous or mundane tasks, such as collection calls or appointment reminders
  • Deliver notifications outside of business hours when you may have a better chance of reaching customers
  • Allow more self-service options for your customer in this “instant gratification” real-time world
  • Reduce call flow to your contact center by engaging your customer before a big change
  • Take advantage of the flexibility to reach large numbers of people quickly, without having to worry about staffing or provisioning
  • Realize cost savings through the use of modern VoIP and SIP technology
  • Enjoy real-time delivery notification and reporting to see the success of your campaign instantly
  • Interact with your customers through their preferred channel
  • Benefit from the use of interactive data capture to conveniently garner feedback or trigger additional action to be taken

More and more companies are taking advantage of automated communications technology to realize operational efficiencies and enhance customer engagement. Can you afford to lose this competitive advantage?