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Improve CX with Effective Customer Communications

Delighted customers buy more and refer others. Surgent Networks helps organizations improve outbound communications throughout the customer lifecycle to:
   ● Increase customer satisfaction
   ● Lift retention and renewal rates
   ● Improve the customer experience

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Customer Communications Consulting

Are all your customer-facing teams’ communications aligned and 100% focused on outstanding CX? Surgent’s professional services team can help you know for sure.

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Outbound Notification Solutions

Interactive voice, text, email…our SlingShot™ mass notification platform can do it all! Save time, increase efficiency, and engage your customers.

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Hosting

Already running a voice app and not satisfied with the cost and/or service levels? Surgent can help.

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SaaS Delivery of Millions of Customer Interactions Each Month

Leading businesses depend on Surgent Networks to deliver millions of mission-critical customer contacts each and every month. Surgent provides proven communication solutions that improve customer loyalty, increase organizational efficiency, and enhance the customer experience to boost your organization’s reputation, as well as positively impact your bottom line.

Our mass notification system allows you to deliver automated phone, text, or e-mail healthcare surveys, outreach campaigns, appointment reminders, field service messages, collection calls, customer service interactions, and more. Leaders in the healthcare, utility, government, research, and corporate sectors all benefit from Surgent’s experience and expertise.


Best Value in Hosted Customer Outreach

As low as 1.5¢ per minute. No hidden fees.

Surgent customers not only benefit from the volume telephone rates we’ve negotiated over the last decade, but also a world-class hosting environment specifically designed for voice and Web applications. That, plus proactive application monitoring, responsive support, and 24×7 access to an experienced technical team, makes the SlingShot platform the obvious choice.

VXML Conformance Certification

Looking to get your IVR platform VoiceXML certified? Surgent is proud to be the official testing lab for the VoiceXML Forum.





Mobile, Voice & Web Experts at your service

Contact us today by clicking the link below, E-mail us at sales@surgentnetworks.com, or call (855) 55-SURGE [7-8743], and we’ll schedule a no-obligation consultation to determine the best solution for your business needs.