Solution Tiers

Surgent Networks hosts your applications in a facility specifically designed for voice and data applications. The tiers below have been created to meet a wide variety of needs, but we’re also happy to tailor a solution to fit your requirement!

Value Standard Premium

Price per Minute 1

1.5 ¢ 3.5 ¢ 6.5 ¢


Touch Tone + Pre-Rec. Prompts Auto Speech Recognition
& Text-to-Speech
Auto Speech Recognition
& Text-to-Speech

Support 3

9-5, x5 9-5, x7 24×7, 365


System-wide Monitoring
of Surgent Equipment
Dedicated Monitoring
of App. Server
Dedicated Monitoring
of Voice App.

1  For volume pricing please call 855.55.SURGE [7-8743].  Application Hosting Server Fees may apply for servers being hosted at Surgent’s colocation facility

2  Multiple languages available at additional cost

3  Professional Service Level Agreements available under Value and Basic Tiers at additional cost