A Far More Robust Outbound Notification Solution

Delivering relevant, timely, and targeted communications to customers, employees and patients is increasingly critical to an organization’s success.  Surgent’s SlingShot, our powerful mass notification platform, delivers real and consistent benefits to help you to achieve the following goals:

  • Increase your notification success rate by tailoring your communications by campaign type, by time zone, and by communications channel – phone, text, or email depending on the content you are delivering.
  • Improve notification delivery by relying on SlingShot’s industry-leading answering machine detection technology.   
  • Reduce integration time and complexity by utilizing SlingShot’s robust Web Services API.
  • Customize our technology to fit your processes by controlling the number and timing of call retries for recipients who don’t answer or when the system gets a busy signal. 
  • Improve and refine your communication strategy through detailed reporting showing the status of calls, emails and SMS sent.
  • Monitor campaigns in real-time or look up notification detail via our Web dashboard.

Contact Surgent today to learn how SlingShot can benefit every part of your mass notification strategy.