Enterprise Level Outbound Messaging

Enterprise level outbound messaging is frequently used for various lead generation projects. These leads are developed for lead tracking and lead scoring. Certain interactive voice response systems are a part of this newer technology for customer sms blasts and sms survey applications.

Other Systems For Enterprise Level Outbound Messaging

Other systems for enterprise level outbound messaging include several modern applications for newer technologies, and these are the following:

  • Interactive voice response is an outbound voice system with several applications.
  • Interactive voice response or IVR is used for a company’s emergency notification solution.
  • Outbound customer alerts and notifications can be sent out by way of several applications.
  • Customer notification uses text messaging, voice messaging, and voice surveys.


Understanding Enterprise Level Outbound Messaging

Outbound messaging can use an automated voice activation system. This means that voice activated dialing is the mode of communication between the computer and the customer dialer. The inbound calls are generated, information is put in, and the call is sent to a central switchboard if requested. The central switchboard is an automated branch exchange that includes a group of operators. This type of interactive voice response system is used frequently in hospitals and large businesses to reduce the caller wait time. This type of outbound messaging system allows external callers to page staff. The inbound call is transferred to the paged representative.

Voice Based Marketing Automation

Voice based marketing automation has several applications for today’s marketing world. The following are several modern applications of the voice based marketing system:

  • Automated marketing can send out short message service information for computer generated leads.
  • Short message service or sms surveys can be generated for marketing and lead generation.
  • Customer alerts can be sent out. These customer alerts can include customer notification of product information or basic data information.


Emergency Notification Solution

Emergency notification is another use for the modern mobile alerting systems. Weather alerts can be sent out by way of text messaging or voice messaging. Email marketing frequently is used for lead generation. Email notification can be used for emergency notification as well. The emergency messaging is sent out in real time, and data can be shared with various organizations as well.

A predictive dialer is a type of outbound messaging system that dials a list of telephone numbers and connects the answered calls to various agents or representatives. Predictive dialing use statistical algorithms to minimize the time that agents wait between telephone calling. The individual who answers the telephone has no wait time as well. There are certain dialing restrictions that apply to predictive dialing, and the automated message must identify the company that is making the call.


Enterprise level outbound messaging uses various interactive voice response systems to send out messages to current and potential customers. Mobile technology allows the new customer to receive short message service information by way of text messaging. This type of messaging is used for lead generation and for emergency messaging. Emergency notifications are sent out through various outbound messaging networks. The voice messages that are left with voice answering machines are an emergency notification solution for today’s on-the-go customer. Outbound customer alerts and notifications can be generated as well.

Enterprise level outbound messaging assists the new company in reporting corporate real time data. This real time data can be integrated with shared data accounts and sales tools in order to create valued leads and customer sales. Leads can be routed from web sites to sales, and these leads can be nurtured successfully.