Bulk Messaging for Customer Outreach

Bulk messaging for customer outreach is accomplished by disseminating large quantities of SMS or short message service to a phone, web, or mobile device. These text messages are delivered by using standard communication protocols that exchange the short text messages. Text messaging is the largest data application in the world with over three quarters of all mobile phone customers using text messaging for data communication. An SMS provider uses bulk messaging to create an SMS blast. An SMS blast can take the form of an SMS survey.

Bulk Messaging and Bulk Messaging for Customer Outreach

Bulk messaging for customer outreach can include SMS blast information, an SMS survey offer, and other mobile marketing. The following applications of bulk messaging are available:

  • Bulk messaging can take the form of banking marketing and fraud control applications. Banking institutions frequently send out text messages to provide the customer an up-to-date banking balance of the customer’s account. Any new deposits or withdrawals are alerted to the banking customer through the use of bulk messaging. Fraud alerts are sent out to banking customers and officials through the use of bulk text messaging.
  • Media companies use an SMS provider to send out text messages for entertainment offers, discounts for upcoming entertainment events, and other types of mobile marketing. Bulk messages can be used for alerts, reminders to customers, and marketing. Information can be sent, and communication can be completed between two interacting parties.
  • Enterprise level outbound messaging sends SMS messages to any mobile phone or device in the world. The interaction can be one-way or two-way. Responses from international customers can be gained quickly and in a cost effective manner by using text messaging. This type of international marketing can provide new markets quickly and with a low marketing cost. New markets can be reached by using this type of commercial advertising through SMS services.

Application Programmer Interface

There are several standard services that allow a bulk messaging provider to send out advertising messages, emergency medical messages, and other applications which are the following:

  •  A file transfer protocol can be used to send out the SMS text data to any customer internationally or domestically.
  • A short message peer to peer can send out a text message and receive a message back form an interacting party.
  • An http service can be used to transmit SMS data to any type of cell phone customer or device customer as well.
  • Email can be a part of an SMS system of data transmission.
  • Lists of telephone numbers can be used to disseminate new text data, and some systems can validate the cell phone numbers before any text data is sent. Forwarded messages can be transmitted on certain predetermined marketing dates, and these predetermined messages are usually sent out internationally. Messages are sent either one-way or two-way with a response system set for the customer’s reply or order information.


Text messaging is used frequently to send out large numbers of SMS messages as an SMS blast for delivery to domestic and international customer mobile phones and devices. This type of commercial marketing and information transmission is used by large media companies, enterprises, and banking institutions. Mobile text messaging can be a type of marketing, and this SMS system is used as a method of fraud control as well.

Communication is possible between company staff members using an SMS mobile communication system set up for company employees. The information can be transmitted one-way or two-way with an interactive response system in place.